About Company

«LLc Magnatex» was founded in 2012, for these 5 years we have come a long way. difficult but inspiring.

Our priority is to achieve the goals set by our clients.

Today, it is a mobile, fast-changing enterprise, capable for short time and with high quality to perform any task assigned to it: from the design and technological preparation of production to the manufacture of products necessary for the customer.

«Magnatex» for its many years of labor history is known far beyond Ukraine. Specialists of the company performed installation of equipment at enterprises of Georgia and Kazakhstan.

High quality of service and performance of works on time — is one of the main principles of the company in its formation, success and authority.

A solution that would exceed the level of expectations of the most demanding customer, and at the same time corresponded to the declared budget and harmoniously fit into the interior design. Delivering products only from reputable world manufacturers of audio-video equipment, we, first of all, take care of the reputation of our customers.

Our prices are understandable and justified. We will choose the optimal solution for the payment and functionality that you want to receive. We can always improve the already existing management system Smart House within the planned budget. You pay only for what you need, and get a quality result in the end. Saving with comfort